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Regal Peacock

This classic Burleigh pattern, known previously as Bluebird, depicts the Oriental 'fable of the birds congress'
where different birds come together to elect a king; the peacock felt that as the most beautiful bird he should be king.
First produced in 1913, we welcome the return of the re-named 'Regal Peacock'. 
Regal Peacock Teacup
NZ $52.00
Regal Peacock Tea Saucer
NZ $26.00
Regal Peacock Breakfast Cup
NZ $66.00
Regal Peacock Dinner Plate
NZ $59.00
Regal Peacock Lunch Plate
NZ $43.00
Regal Peacock Cereal Bowl
Enquire for price
Regal Peacock Pasta Bowl
NZ $49.00
Regal Peacock Rice Bowl
NZ $47.00
Regal Peacock Tea Plate
NZ $38.00
Regal Peacock Teapot
NZ $199.00
Regal Peacock Sugar Bowl
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