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Canvas Cookware

Brilliant for entertaining, batch cooking or for a larger family.
Make more than just casseroles with these versatile pieces of cookware.
Use to sauté vegetables, make soups or quick sauces. Denby Cast Iron is energy efficient -
it heats up fast and stay hotter for longer, ideal for one pot fluffy rice dishes.
Canvas Reversible Pizza/Griddle Pan 28cm
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Denby Canvas Round Casserole 24cm
Denby Canvas Oval Casserole 28cm
Denby Canvas Shallow Casserole
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Denby Canvas Griddle Pan 25cm
NZ $240.00
Denby Canvas Rectangular Dish Large
Denby Canvas Rectangular Dish Small
Denby Canvas Round Pie Dish 28cm
Denby Canvas Square Dish
NZ $110.00
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