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Artis Orbis

Artis Orbis is an exciting range of porcelain and glass vases, picture plates and ornaments decorated
with stunning masterpieces by some of the world's leading artists - both past and present.
603030 Monet SQ 150 crop Waterlilies Vase 28cm
Almond tree Plate Gold 36cm-932
Van Gogh
603023 Summer Flowers de Heem 41cm 150 HR
de Heem
603033 The Kiss Klimt Picture 28x34cm sq 150 crop
Gustav Klimt
603032 Geobel Artis Orbis The Kiss Klimt Vase 26x22cm HR 150 crop
Artist Vases
603057 Sorolla - After Sunset SQ plate 12cm Sq crop 150
Selected Artists
603058 Cezanne - Still Life SQ 150 Plate 12cm crop
Decorative Plates


Tree of Life Ltd Edition, Klimt 41cm
Tree of Life Vase 24cm, Klimt
NZ $545.00
Klimt Coaster Set, 4 pieces
NZ $75.00
The Kiss Ltd Edition Plate, Klimt 21cm
The Kiss Mini Plate, Klimt 10cm
Adele Ltd Edition Plate, Klimt 21cm
Adele Mini Plate, Klimt 10cm
NZ $49.50
The Kiss Vase - 28cm
NZ $499.00
The Kiss Vase - 19cm
Enquire for price
'The Kiss' Vase - Klimt 30cm
Enquire for price
'Adele'  Vase - Klimt 22.5cm
Enquire for price
The Kiss Vase, Klimt 26x22cm
Enquire for price
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