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Glassware 101
The home bar has taken entertaining at home by storm, become your own bar keep. All you need is a solid glassware collection and a well stocked bar.
Different types of glasses are needed for different types of drinks: Martini glasses have long stems to keep you from warming the chilled drink with your palms. Champagne flutes allow the bubbles to rise to the top of the glass but don't worry there are plenty of versatile multipurpose glasses as well. Here's a quick guide for your home bar;

The Basic Foundation

It pays to have the same number of red and white wine, beer and cocktail glasses as you do dinner plates, approximately six to eight of each. Next what's your entertaining style. Do you have more casual get togethers, pot luck dinners or do you prefer a formal affair? how much space do you have to store your glassware collection?

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Tuscany Craft Beer Set

The rise of craft beers means that beer glasses are shaped to expressly maintain the body and taste. From wheat beers to stouts pour your favourite beer into a glass that is designed for each variety. The Lenox Tuscany collection has a wonderful range of beer drinkware, something for every Craft beer drinker.
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