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     5 Tips for Serving Champagne

If you've just become the proud owner of some new Lenox champagne flutes, here are some hints to go with them:
  • A Champagne bucket—filled half-way with ice and some cold water—will chill Champagne to the perfect temp in only 30 minutes.
  • Never place Champagne in the freezer. It can explode, an event commonly referred to as “a tragedy.”
  • You actually don’t want to “pop” the cork (that would release too much gas, which means less bubbles) but rather, gradually nudge the cork up so it hiccups out.
  • Most Champagne is Brut, which is dry. If you like it sweet, choose Champagne labeled Sec.
  • One bottle = 6-8 servings; a magnum = 2 bottles; jeroboam = 4 bottles and a hearty congratulations.
Care of your Glassware and Stemware

Look after your quality Lenox crystal and glassware and you will be rewarded with years of use.
  • All stemware should be hand-washed.
  • Hand wash items that have a platinum rim.
  • Glass is vulnerable to extreme temperature changes. Never immerse a chilled glass in hot water; never add ice or cold liquid to a hot glass.
  • Do not use glassware in the microwave unless it is specified “safe for microwave use.”
  • To prevent chipping, make sure glasses do not touch each other in the dishwasher.
Stemware Shapes

Adorn-DOF-299Double Old Fashioned/Tumbler
A squat glass used for both cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks. TIP: Use these short, wide glasses to serve individual portions of a layered dessert such as Tiramisu or a trifle.

These tall, straight-sided glasses are used for iced cocktails and nonalcoholic drinks. TIP: Place a line of three to five tumblers down the centre of the table and fill with small bouquets of fresh flowers.

Tuscany-Red-Wine-6s-375Red Wine Balloon
The wide, globe-shaped bowl helps to retain red wine's aroma. Also appropriate for water. TIP: Having a party? Fill balloon glasses with candies, mints or nuts and place strategically about the room.

Tuscany-White-Wine-6s-252White Wine
The smaller, slender bowl is suited for white wines or water. TIP: Finish a dinner party by serving a wine goblet filled with chocolate mousse. Place the goblet on a small plate and serve. Instant glamour.

The slender shape preserves champagne bubbles. Hold by the stem to keep drink cool. TIP: Drop a sugar cube tinged with bitters in the bottom of the glass, fill with champagne or sparkling cider and top with a lemon twist.

Tuscany-Stemless-Wine-449Stemless Wine Goblet
Once thought of as an easy-care, more casual way to enjoy wine, stemless glassware is now seen even in dressed up settings. In red wine, white wine or flute styles, these can also double as water goblets.

Martini Pear cocktail-139Martini
The wide, shallow bowl brings out the drink's bouquet; the long stem keeps it cold. Also used for daiquiris. TIP: Serve a scoop of your favourite sorbet topped with fresh berries or lemon peel in a martini glass.

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